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Fashion Police Files

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22 August 1958
I studied Fashion and Textiles at St. Martin's School of Art, way back in the late 70s...after graduating in 1979, and armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree, I worked in quite a few West End fashion companies as a designer/pattern cutter, supplying the likes of Wallis, Clockhouse at C & A ( remember them ??), Top Shop, and Jane Norman, with trendy separates, dresses and the like - in those days, the fashion high street multiples didn't have their own design studios like they do today, instead buying in designs from companies such as the ones I worked for...

After about four or five years of this, I reached the conclusion that I would prefer to branch off in another direction, and got myself a wealth of private customers, making interior furnishings, curtains, Austrian and Roman blinds etc, etc...
After doing that for five more years, circumstances dictated that I suddenly had to make a move, out of London, to the ancient and beautiful city of Bath, where I met and married my husband, Adam, and also, branched off into yet another direction, that of shop display, window dressing, and visual merchandising...a tiny branch of C & A was the store where I worked, and learned the craft of window dressing with flair!

Ten years later, we moved back to London, because of Adam's job, and I transferred to the West End flagship store at Marble Arch, very easily !! Well, you all know what became of C & A, sadly - redundancy followed, and I took the opportunity to upgrade ever so slightly, and went off to work at Peter Jones department store in Sloane Square, Chelsea !!
Of course, this is a whole different ballgame to C & A, as you can imagine, but all the experience of making soft furnishings has come in very handy, as I am now the person who makes everything that involves a sewing machine !!
Working in the rarefied atmosphere of Chelsea, where we see rich and famous people quite frequently, has given me an appetite for style criticism...

This journal is all about what famous people should and shouldn't be wearing...good taste is everything !!!
Also I will be chatting about clothes/accessories/jewellery/shoes I have found, that I like and all those things that I hate...

Random people in the street will not be criticised, in fairness, and to protect their own privacy, however, all celebrities are considered to be fair game...

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