This once or twice weekly fashion journal is all about what celebrities should, and shouldn't, be wearing...good taste is simply everything !!
The aim of this journal is to give a much more in depth look at the major red carpet events. Unlike some other sites, there is minimal advertising and much more content - expect photo-heavy posts with fascinating details and interesting snippets of information - I usually go much further than your average fashion blog !!
So do come and join in the lively discussions about the awful things some stars choose to wear, the best and worst dresses, and my red carpet predictions from the runway shows.

There may also be various other intermittent posts:-
"Freak of the Week",  "Shoe Shocks", "Awful Wedding Dresses" and various other random goodies, as and when I discover them in my foraging down the back of the Internet !

So you are all very welcome to come and read and maybe join the discussion...

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GG 2015 01

Well, it was the first really big important awards show of 2015 last Sunday, and even though I haven't been doing much in the way of fashion blogging lately, I couldn't resist the lure of a really good red carpet !! So I thought I would take a look at the major red carpet trends that emerged from the Golden Globe Awards, and see the kind of looks we can expect from this red carpet season.

So do come on over and take a look:-

Christmas Is Coming...


My Etsy shop is up and running now, and the prices are pretty reasonable I think - and most importantly, I can also send anything to anywhere in  the world !! So come and see some of the brilliant seasonal goodies that have landed on my Etsy page this weekend:-

For starters, this 1970s Christmas tree brooch by Beatrix Jewels, signed 'BJ' -  for the princely sum of £10 only - in my Etsy shop:-

IMG_5219 (1024x683)

Here's the link to this listing:-

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Mad Men Style - Big Beautiful Brooches


IMG_5084 (800x533)

'Satin Petals' by Sarah Coventry - 1966

So what have I been up to during my week off in November ? Well, my Etsy Shop has had a big boost with lots and lots of new items up for sale - come and see my newest vintage lovelies...starting with 3 absolutely choice brooches - as seen being worn by the utterly inimitable Joan on 'Mad Men' :-

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RIP Oscar de la Renta



22nd JULY 1932 - 20th OCTOBER 2014
So one of my very favourite red carpet designers has died - Oscar de la Renta finally lost his battle with cancer after fighting a very long time indeed. He was first diagnosed back in 2006, and when he was asked in an interview about it shortly afterwards, this is what he said :-

"Yes, I had cancer. Right now, I am totally clean. The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life"

He was one of my red carpet heroes, always dressing the stars in the best colours and most flattering shapes specifically for them - above all else, this was his primary concern, and the main reason why he was so popular for over fifty years. You know - so many other designers create collections of clothes in order to express their own creativity, however crazy, but Oscar had a passion for dressing women in order to make them feel spectacularly good - about their bodies, and about themselves - and this is what sets him apart from almost every other fashion designer throughout his lengthy career.

By way of my own little tribute, I thought I'd look at some of the best red carpet dresses I have chosen from his collections during the relatively short time this blog has been up and running, to remember just why I love his work so much:-

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Etsy Shop launch !!


IMG_4851b (800x533)

Beautiful, big & bold Gold-tone Leaf Brooch by ‘Monet’ from the 1980s !!

Yes – I have decided to open a new shop in Etsy selling the very best of my vintage jewellery collection !

My liking for vintage jewellery has developed gradually over many years. First came the passion for designing and making my own jewellery, which I have been doing for years and years, and then that developed into a taste for sourcing vintage beads and findings – then I discovered e-Bay...

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Travels in Italy


Last week, my husband Adam and I, accompanied by our good friend Russ (another Ancient Roman enthusiast) set off for our week in the Amalfi Region of southern Italy – and anyone who has been there themselves will know of course, what an absolute treat that is – and what a hotbed of Ancient Roman treasures there are there !!

So, if you’re partial to a bit of Ancient Roman stuff, than read on – and come and say hello – I love to meet any readers, especially if you’re new to this journal. If you’re bored by the thought of museums and ancient history, then stop reading now, for you will be climbing the walls by the end !! This is Part 1 - there will be another 4 parts !!

Here's the link to my new WordPress journal:-

SAM_2605a (1024x771) (800x602)

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My latest items for sale on e-bay uk are mostly the result of me having a bit of a clear-out – some mixed lots of bits and bobs, mostly perfectly wearable, some good for children to wear or play dressing-up games with.

Here are the best :-


IMG_4540 (1024x683) (640x427)

This is a small selection of very pretty necklaces from the 50s & 60s, in pale pearly colours, which makes me think this is Lucite, a popular form of plastic used back then. I have photographed them on a variety of colours, well suited to the colours of each necklace, both together like this and individually, as I firmly believe that giving people the visual enticement helps potential buyers make up their mind – it seems to work pretty well !!

I like these necklaces even though they are unashamedly plastic, and very lightweight – they are very pretty, and summery, even the darker colours.

And the rest…

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Computer crash 01

Sadly my computer has executed a superb crash & burn maneouvre, which means that all my photos from the Couture Collections have been lost - for the time being anyway !! I will be taking the whole thing back to the Audio/TV Dept at work where the Tech Elves can examine it and hopefully bring it back to life. In the meantime, until then, I am having to use my laptop, which does have an alarming tendency to overheat every so often and display the orange screen of death. So I will be putting the Couture Collections onto the back burner for now, and hopefully come back to them when I get my computer back, probably after our week in Italy next week. I am hopeful that my docs, pics and other sundry files can be saved, because there was an awful lot of stuff in there.

Boo !!...