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The BAFTAs : Best Dressed  
Mon, 11th Feb 2013
Firebird purple

So last night it was the turn of the BAFTAs - the British equivalent of the Oscars and the Emmys rolled together, and for once, I am in the happy position of being able to write my posts the very next day !! Therefore, whereas usually I am just getting round to selecting pictures the following day after I get home from work, today I have the photos all picked and in the post by midday, ready to write the text - how utterly ahead of myself I feel !! Just think - some day, this will be the norm...
The BAFTAs were a mix of really, really good and absolutely terrible - and fortunately for us, the Best Dressed list is longer than the Worst Dressed, but it did take some sensible editing !! Black was the undisputed colour of the night, with no less than eleven out of the sixteen Best Dressed stars picking it for their evening on the soggy London red carpet. And even then, at least one of the remaining five chose black and white, which half counts too, right ? ....
So come on over to London-town, and see the stars in all their (mostly black) finery turning out at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden...

First on my list here is Swedish actress, Alicia Vikander, who stars opposite Kiera Knightley in 'Anna Karenina' and was nominated for the Rising Star Award last night - she chose a very interesting, clean and uncluttered look for her red carpet debut. This was designed by Raf Simons for Dior, and is basically a short shift dress with a long train at the back - no gathering, no pleats, no embellishment of any kind - it is totally reliant on the absolutely impeccable cut above all else !!


I love this look actually, and even though I'm still getting used to the Raf Simons style, after the excesses of John Galliano, this is one of his nicest designs to date. It's so utterly simple, but still an unusual shape and still flattering...and I don't even mind the hole cut-out at the back, even though it's open along the waist-line, which I don't usually like - I must be coming round to this style - what d'you think ? Of course, her choice of delicate high-heeled court shoe style helps it along nicely...

Amy Adams chose this beautiful black lace dress designed by Elie Saab, from his Autumn 2012 Couture Collection...and looked fabulous in it !!


Elie Saab is such a fantastically popular designer on the red carpet, and this dress demonstrates why - it's covered with delicious black Chantilly lace, is oozing sex appeal and has a centre split right up to there, which shows off her legs beautifully. It was also featured by me when it went down the runway, and therefore earns Amy one of my Zebra Stars - who says Elie Saab is a tad boring these days ?!!
It also allows us to get a good glimpse of her amazing gold, ankle-strap platform shoes from Casadei...

I loved her whopping ruby earrings, and wonder whether they are real rubies - but of course they are !! They've been borrowed for the evening I suspect, because that's how it works...
Anyway, Amy gets a big Gold Star from me for looking fabulous !!


Anne gets one too, even though I had to think about this a bit !! I like the dress, but wasn't sure whether it was dressy enough for the red carpet, being as the bodice looks like an edgy, on trend but essentially casual top...
In the end, I came down on the side of Anne, as I actually like the dress a lot, and think it's in keeping with the other dresses she has been wearing on the long, long 'Les Miserables' première tour, which seems to be going on forever !!


The dress wasn't what tipped the balance here anyway - it was more Anne's whole look, and how she styled it, with the exquisite pixie crop, the stunning make-up and - joy of joys - the amazing little book-clutch, entitled - what else, but 'Les Miserables' - of course !!


This dress was glimpsed in the distance, in the background of someone else's photo, and it caught my eye - so Gemma came onto my list on the grounds of her usurping someone else's glory !! I loved this dress because it is so eye-catching and bold...


The designer is not someone I have ever heard of before - Celia Kritharioti, who is one the most famous fashion designers in her native Greece. I went and looked at her Couture runway video and the collection is smashing !! Beautiful and luxurious evening gowns aplenty, so maybe we'll be seeing more of her work on the red carpets of the future - I do hope so !! 
Gemma looked great in this dress, especially as it's possibly not one of the easiest designs to wear successfully, but she nailed it with an updo that falls over one eye, quite smoky eye make-up and natural lip-gloss - a perfect black & nude make-up look for a black and nude dress...

Hayley is one of our best actresses over here in Britain, and has the makings of a major international star in my opinion - at the moment she has done much fine telly-work over here, so watch out for her in the first series of 'Pillars of the Earth' which was screened here last year, and also 'I, Anna' a murder mystery drama co-starring Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne, which co-incidentally, had some scenes shot in our very own Peter Jones Department Store !!

Hayley looked stunning in this beautiful black and white dress, designed by Antonio Berardi from his Autumn 2012 Collection, which was picked up by me when I looked at this collection last Spring...


She left her hair loose for this event, but I think it might have been better styled up with this kind of dress - never mind, she looks great anyway - I loved the white sequins and flowers embellishing the white sections in contrast to the plainness of the black, and the whole curvy design looks like one of those black and white 60s monochrome pop-art works.


Helen came on the arm of her husband, Damien Lewis, who will feature in my next post, as it happens !! She was one of four stars who opted for the vintage look, with this pale blue vintage Givenchy gown from 1963, supplied by William Vintage, who is the the British version of Hollywood vintage fashion shop-owner, Cameron Silver with his 'Decades Inc'. shop over in LA - he is the go-to person for a red carpet frock from years gone by, and is to be seen by appointment only - a system which I would find rather terrifying, but then I'm not a red carpet star !!.
Helen looked lovely in this, (and the dress is not at all like a pouffy bridesmaid's dress from the 60s, which some other websites have said !!) The dress stood up to the rain admirably well considering how delicate it probably is by now...


Dame Helen shocked everyone in attendance - I could hear the jaws hitting the floor in Covent Garden, all the way over in Ealing !! What did she do ? She dyed her hair pink...


And why not...(she still looks younger than Kelly Osbourne with her ageing purple rinse !!) Apparently, Helen saw this on American telly and decided to try it out for herself - "I saw it on America's Next Top Model, so I decided to have a go" she told the waiting press...

Of course, there will be many people all over the Internet who will offer opinions about whether it's appropriate or not for a woman of a certain age to dye her hair in anything other than a natural colour, but what does Dame Helen care ? She knows her own mind and so all power to her, I say !! I don't mind the pink colour actually - it's quite youthful actually, and rings the changes, doesn't it ?...

Her dress was designed by British Designer Nicholas Oakwell, from his Spring 2013 Couture Collection, and suits Helen admirably well - it was a beautiful dress with an amazing skirt which she could resist twirling round in, which rather suggest she was in a happy-go-lucky mood...
I also rather liked her silver honeycomb clutch-bag which was unusual and eye-catching - that is, if you could drag your eyes away from her hair !!.


Helena came dressed in a black lace tutu, her customary messy updo and and a brown fur wrap - well it was freezing !! She looked very demure and a bit more tame than usual, but no less stylish than she usually does !!


Jennifer Lawrence chose a dress from Christian Dior too - this pale pink design with printed black spots offset with pink and green gems sewn all over, makes for a change from the usual sequins and/or beads !! She unfortunately got caught in the rain -  like quite a few other stars, she went slowly down the red carpet for the benefit of the press cameras, as you do, and got a bit of a soaking as a result !! Hence the slightly bedraggled hair - so why, oh why, wasn't there some sort of canopy over the whole red carpet and press area ?!! LA manages to do this, so why not London - shame on you lot at the Royal Opera House !!


Wet hair aside, she looked lovely - I loved her dress, and her earrings were just the right amount of bling for such a decorated design. Here she is with her coat on, shortly after she arrived, and you can see the earrings better in this shot, and also her lovely eye-make-up, which was perfect for the dress style too.

Jessica was the undisputed Queen of the Red Carpet here tonight in her fabulous cobalt blue gown...isn't it amazing ?!! A real breath-taking design...


After I lambasted her for wearing an inappropriate shade of bright red at the SAG Awards a few weeks ago, she must have taken my advice and hunted down a real show-stopper of a dress for the trip to London - this was designed by Roland Mouret and has been universally acclaimed to be the best dress of the evening !!
I loved the whole architectural shape of the bodice and the brilliant shade of cobalt blue accentuated her red hair beautifully, in exactly the way the red Alexander McQueen dress did not...
She chose some gorgeous sapphire jewellery to go with this - a bracelet and earrings that gave just a hint of sparkle and picked up the colour perfectly...Yes, decidedly, a big Gold Star for Jessica this time around !!


Laura chose trousers for her red carpet appearance - and she looked amazing !! Trousers don't always work well, but she nailed this beautifully, I thought !! Her black halter-neck style jumpsuit was impeccable, flattering, and elegant...from the Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2012 Couture Collection, it was a risk that paid off better than some others on this red carpet - more about them in my next post.

She kept the styling simple but dramatic, with her hair down, brassy cuffs and bright red lipstick...


Lily is one of our rising young TV stars, currently being seen in Downton Abbey - she plays the part of Lady Rose MacClare who is blonde of course, so you may not recognise her immediately !! She went with a beautiful dress of black lace over a champagne silk lining, thus going with one of the biggest trends of the evening - black lace - so many black lace dresses here...


She looked lovely in this dress, with her hair up in a sophisticated bun, teamed with simple little diamond stud earrings - I even liked the keyhole opening at the back, so she gets one of my Gold Stars !!


Producer Rebecca Wang went with a stunning black heavily-beaded dress designed by Roberto Cavalli, and teamed it with a gorgeous wiggly ruby and diamond necklace and matching earrings. It's interesting to note the emergence of the stunning statement necklace once more - started by Jessica Alba at the SAG Awards, with her amazing diamond show-stopper, several other stars have gone down a similar route with their jewellery choices. Rebecca here wasn't the only star who wore eye-catching necklaces, but not always as well as this...


I also loved her boxy clutch with sparkly stones all over it, and the close-up photo shows the beaded pattern on the dress, which is stunning !! This deserves a Gold Star too, in my opinion...


Eighteen year old Irish actress Saoirse Ronan was on Award-presenting duty last night, when she presented the Best Production Award alongside Tom Hiddleston...she went with a pretty embroidered dress designed by Christopher Kane, adapted from a short dress in his Pre-Fall 2013 Collection - luckily it was one that I chose when I looked at this collection a few weeks ago !! The embroidery looks a bit different, but I think it's just different colours, and the length is much longer of course, but essentially, it's the same dress !!


She looked lovely in this with her hair up in a top-knot and everything kept very simple indeed - natural make-up and not much else !!


Thandie went with the ever-popular black lace trend too, with this little Louis Vuitton number. This dress also ran with another trend that appeared again and again - that of essentially a plain black mini-dress with a sheer, or see-through lace full-length dress over the top...


Interesting shoes and bag, both black edged with contrast piping, wild mane of curly hair and chunky gold earrings adding drama to her look made Thandie Newton one of the best of the Best Dressed List !! I loved this whole outfit, and therefore she gets a Gold Star too....


Zawe is another of our Best Rising young stars here in Britain - she starred in Channel 4's recent comedy 'Fresh Meat' about five students sharing a flat, and she also starred in Carol Morley's touching documentary  'Dreams of a Life' about the woman who was found dead in her flat after three years lying undiscovered - a fascinating and touching film about someone who lost their way...

Zawe chose another variation on the 'long black lace dress over a plain black mini' theme with this interesting design by Julien MacDonald from his Spring 2012 Collection. Other fashion websites have said that this looked a bit too edgy for a conventional red carpet event like this, and that it would be more suited to the Grammys perhaps - well, I disagree !! I liked this dress - it was a brave choice with its long train and see-through lacy layers, and I also think that the BAFTAs could do with a bit of shaking up now and then... 


She kept everything else simple too, with a plain black clutch and a huge ring and nothing else. Hair cropped short, and natural but well defined make-up ensured that she looked striking but not over-done !!

The BAFTAs were the latest in a long run of red carpet Award events through the months of January and February of course, culminating in the Oscars on February 24th. So next up will be my 'Best Dressed Men' List along with my Worst Dressed Ladies List - and then, maybe, I might have time to look at the Grammys - a rare treat to be able to get to look at both events as they happen on the same day !!

Mon, 11th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Thanks as always :-)

Jessica Chastain's cobalt blue dress is my favourite. I like black evening dresses, but there were rather too many here...
Thu, 14th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Oh yes - loads and loads of black dresses - more than at any other event I've covered I reckon !!
Jessica's dress was sublime...
Mon, 11th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Oh how I love Dame Helen. She looked fabulous. I love the hair. And agree re Jessica Chastain's dress - I do love cobalt blue as a colour and the cut on the dress is amazing.
Thu, 14th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Yes, on the whole, Dame Helen's hair has had a good reaction from most people reading this post, but I do wonder whether that's partly my own opinion colouring the opinions of my readers - how many people actually hated it until they read what I had to say ? In other words, how much am I affecting people's own opinions ? It's an interesting question...
Mon, 11th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Some gorgeous gowns! The fit of Jessica Chastain's gown was miles and miles above that red gown she wore to the Sag awards, as well as being a lovely color. And I hove Anne Hathaway's and Jennifer Lawrence's gowns, too. And Helen Mirren? Fabulous!
Thu, 14th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Many dresses were better than the Golden Globes, and Jessica Chastain was definitely the leader in that respect !!
Anne's dress was a lot more edgy than her Globes dress, so it will be interesting to see what she pulls out of the closet for the Oscars !!
Mon, 11th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Helen Mirren is a goddess, and she can do anything she likes. She looks wonderful with the pink color in her hair. And what a dress she found. Exquisite.

Jessica Chastain found the perfect color for herself, and the style is incredibly beautiful and classy. Perfect jewelry too.
Thu, 14th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Dame Helen is very well liked in this journal by most people, I think, and so, your thoughts on her hair are going to be pretty much common ground in here......
Tue, 12th Feb 2013 (UTC)
As if I didn't have enough reasons to love Helen Mirren...she goes and dyes her hair pink. That is AWESOME! (And I think she looks FAB!)

And that blue on Jessica Chastain is STUNNING!
Thu, 14th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Yes - it is pretty awesome, isn't it ?!!
Tue, 12th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Not sure I really like all that black lace, but of all the black dresses, Rebecca Wang's is my favourite.

Jessica Chastain looks divine in that blue. And Helen Mirren's pink hair is absolutely fabulous! And so is her dress!

I'm afraid I do agree that Helen McRory's dress looks like a stiff bridesmaid dress from the 60s. :-(
Thu, 14th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Yes - Helen McRory's dress won't be everyone's cup of tea, I'm pretty sure of that !! The reason I liked it was that it was very vintage, but still quite current in its styling - in other words, there will be a few dresses just like it going down the runways of New York Fashion Week earlier this week...
Tue, 12th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Zawe Ashton wasn't in Skins. I do love her dress though!

Weirdly, out of all the beautiful outfits what struck me the most was Jennifer Lawrence's gorgeous makeup! Base, eyes, lips, blush, everything. It's utterly perfect!
Thu, 14th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Oops - my mistake - duly corrected, so thank you !! I liked her dress for its edginess and its pretty black lace, but not everyone did - a good many fashion bloggers gave it the thumbs down for being a tad too messy with too much going one !!

I loved Jennifer's make-up too - beautiful !!
Mon, 18th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Hellen Mirren looks amazing!