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SAG Awards 2013 : Worst Dressed 
Thu, 31st Jan 2013
Firebird purple
SAG AWARDS 2013...

There were more than a few surprises on my Worst Dressed List, so hold your breath and dive in...

Our Anne of 'The Glums' pulled up before the jury for looking slightly less than perfect ?!! Well, not really - I just felt her potentially lovely couture dress should have looked a bit more - you know - Couture !!


This is from the Spring 2013 Giambattista Valli Couture show staged on January 21st, so not long before this awards ceremony then...but was it a rush job ? Or did Anna get special advance notice of his designs just so that she could have a dress made for this show? Or is it actually the same dress that went down the runway, borrowed from the Valli showroom just for the evening? That's probably the nearest to the truth actually...
Except it doesn't move in the same way or hang with the same amount of voluminous netting skirt shape - in fact the skirt hangs down limply at her sides, with no pizazz at all...
I can tell you now that thus looked a hell of a lot more exciting on the Giambattista Valli runway recently - here it is, a real 'New Look' sort of dress - see for yourself:-

I did rather like her butterfly nail art though !!

Jane took a major fashion mis-step with this weird contraption-like studded harness top - it really looks like she is just about to leap  out of a plane - or worse, take up a horse-whip, and beat the daylights out of someone rather close, on the pretext of some weird S & M fetish...


What did you think of Jane's fashion statement - was it just too young a style, or was it a hint of something more sinister ?

On the arm of her long-term partner of 14 years, Jon Hamm (from the 60s drama 'Mad Men') Jennifer looked lovely in herself - nice hair, natural make-up with just a pop of lip-colour, and a nice little silvery clutch-bag, but her dress let the side down, I'm afraid...it looks a bit like a stretchy corset body in dull greyed-down, washed-too-often white, with a long and quite creased satin skirt pleated into the waist.
I'm afraid this really is not a great look...


Here's the second surprise of the evening - after her strangely unfinished-looking aqua dress that she wore for the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, I thought she'd pull out the stops for the SAG Awards, but it appears that she took a bit of a mis-step too...

This dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and in itself is a perfectly lovely design, but how I wish she'd gone for one size bigger !! It really looks like a toss-up if she can actually sit down or not - what d'you reckon ?!!


Also, call me a spoilsport if you wish, but I really don't like bright red being worn by redheads like this - both shades are fighting to the death and it's the dress that's surely going to win !!
I love red hair and I love to see it being teamed with colours that really show it off well - absolutely any shade of blue or green of course, but also purple is great, as is chocolate brown or any shade of grey - black, white, cream, and any other neutral is good, even silver, copper, gunmetal and bronze...but bright red? - not a good pairing at all - you can see here that the red dulls the hair down to an orangey-brown colour, which is a bit nondescript - and red hair should never be nondescript !!

Julie is wearing a full length leather evening dress designed by Johanna Johnson, and I so wish she hadn't...first of all, the thing about leather is, no matter how fine it is, and this is very fine indeed, when you sew a dart into leather, it just isn't possible for the dart to end up in a really fine, curving-away-to-nothing end - instead it forms a little pointy bit where the dart ends, and unfortunately, this is often exactly where your nipple is...enough said !! That's quite enough for me to never contemplate getting any kind of fitted leather dress, evening or otherwise !!


Oh dear - what is the matter with Kaley's hair - it looks like it's been styled to within an inch of its life, doesn't it ?!! Other fashion sites have dubbed it 'helmet hair' and you can quite see why ...


Dress-wise, she also took a major fashion mis-step when she walked into the Romona Kevesa showroom and picked out this red lace Prom-queen style dress for her red carpet appearance. Here's the thing - you can see in the show presentation photo, that the model is probably a good six inches taller than Kaley, and that all-important extra height means that this prom-dress was originally at mid-calf length instead of just above the ankles and certainly not skimming her shoes, as in the pics of Kaley here !!

I was, however, rather taken with her brass and red tortoiseshell clutch, and the crazy love-hearts nail art !!


Michelle went with a daring design by Chado Ralph Rucci that has successfully split the fashion press neatly into 50% for and 50% against, which is quite an achievement in my view !!
I personally don't much like this dress - it's a bit shapeless and shows off her under-boob as if it was a good thing !! On the plus side, Michelle herself looks absolutely fantastic with glossy hair cut in a side-swept bob - but her dress is a million miles away from the beautiful costumes she wears in 'Downton Abbey', for which she and her cast-mates won the  Best Ensemble Cast Award...


Michelle wasn't the only star in a shapeless dress though - she was royally trumped in the shapeless dress stakes by Sigourney Weaver, whose dress made Michelle's look like a beautifully cut Couture masterpiece...


Now, as I understand it, for some unknown reason, Sigourney here decided that her Lanvin gown would look better if it was worn back to front - and without any kind of bra either !! Mystifyingly, she didn't ask any sort of fashion stylist for advice on this, and thus ended up looking like a big rectangle of black shiny satin, with a sad case of droop in the bust region...she made a huge mistake with this dress, because the right way round, it's actually quite pretty - a dippy little V-neckline where it wraps over, and flattering little frills down each side - why, oh why, did she think to turn it round ?!!
Here it is the right way round, from the 'Browns' website:-


See ? How much more flattering it is...

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little selection of the dresses that should have been better, bit for one reason or another, simply weren't !! These stars have all ben lambasted in the fashion press and so we'll be expecting greater things from each of them next time...

Next up will be Georges Chakra and Georges Hobeika Spring 2013 Couture shows.

Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
Actually Michelle Dockery plays Lady Mary on Downton Abbey, the 1st daughter of the house, not a maid. Her clothes on that show are stunning!

I don't like all the shapeless and weird black dresses either.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Oh my goodness - you're absolutely right !! I've corrected the text to compare her dress to the costumes she wears instead - thank you for pointing it out !!
(Deleted comment)
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
The bright red dress that Jessica Chastain is wearing would have looked sensational if she had worn a size bigger, and had that beautiful Mediterranean colouring - olive skin and black hair...the Spanish and Italian types can wear this colour really well !!
Unfortunately she is another type altogether...

Kaley's hair was frankly scary !!
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Yes, each of these was just a little off, I agree.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
The Worst Dressed lists these days are a hell of a lot better than they used to be - if you go back a few years and take a look at the Oscars Worst Dressed from, say 2007, and compare it to today's selection, things are definitely looking up !!
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
WHAT is that wig on kaley cuoco?

anne's dress looks like the 90s look of a sheer skirt worn over bike shorts. don't shudder, we all did it.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Actually, I'm not sure it's a wig...

I was very disappointed with Anne's dress - having seen it in the Giambattista Valli presentation, I had high hopes for that particular dress on the red carpet, but it just didn't perform as well as expected !!
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
the way kaley's hair looks bigger at the top of her head (if that makes sense) is what makes me think it's a wig. it just looks... unnatural. but wig or not, it's not a flattering look on her.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
I just can't get over Kaley's hair o.O It's bizarre!

I don't like any of those dresses to be honest, though I do think the dress Anne Hathaway is wearing could have been amazing, it does look great on the model haha!
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Yes - that's it exactly - it could have been amazing, and I would actually amend that to 'it should have been amazing'...
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
I love Jane's dress, it just makes her hips look really wide and that disrupts her whole look. A bit of boning or a slightly lower waist would have helped immensely.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Jane's dress really didn't do it for me, basically because I just couldn't get that S & M feeling out of my head - just the studs and leather straps were enough. Strangely, it has something to do with Jane's age I think - somehow, a dress that risqué would look great on someone of 22, but because she is much older, it looked much like mutton dressed as lamb !! Sadly, there comes a point in everyone's life where you have to consider this...
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Hmmmm... I see what you mean :-/
Sat, 2nd Feb 2013 (UTC)
Anne looked so fab at the Golden Globes - this is a wreck in comparison!
Mon, 4th Feb 2013 (UTC)
It's a shame because this dress looked great in the designer's Couture collection presentation, as yo will see when I do the post...
Sun, 3rd Feb 2013 (UTC)
I'm not sure the explanation for Weaver's dress is correct. The rise in the hemline is on the same side on both images.
Mon, 4th Feb 2013 (UTC)
That's very true, but there's an assumption that this is a dress - it may well be a top and skirt set, which would make the top half easier to wear the other way round without compromising the rise in the skirt being at the front. either way, it's a complete disaster !!
Mon, 4th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Oh gosh, I completely agree with you! Side boob = never a good thing, red hair should never be turned orange-brown by a beautiful bright red dress, and Sigourney's dress...holy cow! Bad idea. Also, thanks for posting the runway photos of Anne's dress - I didn't understand what was wrong with it until I saw how it looked on the runway, and then it all made sense! :)
Mon, 4th Feb 2013 (UTC)
Yes - I thought that some explanation would be required with that one, as it looked OK - just a little flat and not all that it could be !!
The rest of them were mainly personal taste, flavoured with a bit of WTF !!