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SAG Awards 2013 
Wed, 30th Jan 2013
Firebird purple

In the latest season of annual Hollywood red carpet event, it was the turn of the Screen Actors' Guild Awards on Sunday, held in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The red carpet was filled, as usual, with hundreds of stars in their finery, but only a few really provoked that sharp intake of breath that indicates a really great look, for that's what you need to get inclusion into my Best Dressed List. For once, I found my choice of fabulous dresses a tad limited, and that's a rare thing for one of these big events. Dress after dress came up on the screen, but they mostly left me feeling rather underwhelmed and a teensy bit disappointed actually...

However, nothing daunted, I still came up with a list of 17 dresses that really blew me away, nine of which earned this journal a big fat Zebra Star, as they were designs that I predicted would make an appearance - hurrah !!

I also came up with a longer than usual list of dresses that really should have stayed in the closet...they come up in my next post, so keep an eye open for that later in the week.

Amanda went with a spectacular strapless evening gown designed by Zac Posen, from his Pre-fall 2013 Collection that I have recently looked at - this was one of the best in my view, from that collection. I loved the waterfall layers in the skirt and the stiff grosgrain-like fabric, which really holds your figure like a corset - this is one of those dresses that could undoubtedly stand up on its own...


She had her hair styled in Veronica Lake waves over on shoulder for maximum Old Hollywood effect. No clutch, but a pretty little vintage-looking pendant gave her outfit an unusual turn - I'm not always convinced about long necklaces like this, as I prefer a short necklace to lie above the edge of the bodice. However, this little pendant is unusual enough, and long enough, that she might just about get away with it. 
What do you think - would this pendant have been better in a short length, or do you prefer it as it is, being an unusual addition to an evening gown ?


I just love the pale sea-foam colour of Ellie's beautiful dress - it's immensely flattering to her skin tone and hair colour, and reminds me of sea-glass. The design is also immensely flattering and very pretty...
This was from the Reem Acra Resort 2013 Collection, (and sadly, this is one designer that I never got around to posting about due to a very busy period at the time - I only got to Resort parts 1 & 2) and it certainly would have been chosen by me if I had the chance...


I also loved her choice of silver filigree jewellery, both the earrings and the diamond-studded hair-clip by Neil Lane. She also wore a diamond cuff bracelet , and carried a dinky little box clutch which was covered in a mock lace design. This is all in all, a great Gold Star-worthy look...


Now here's a Marmite dress if ever I saw one...I happen to love Marmite, and amazingly, I happen to love this - not all of you will agree, I know...
I also know it looks like she has a big white napkin caught up in her bodice, but nevertheless, I like the gathering of pure white fabric around her face and the deep V shape of the black dress under her bust. This was from the Prabal Gurung Pre-fall 2013 Collection, where it was presented in a cocktail length version, seen below...this is clearly a dress with options !!
I picked this out as a red carpet possible at the time, so January earns me a Zebra star for my efforts - thanks Jan !!


Her hair was swept up and back into a bit of a quiff which is also an acquired taste, but in this instance, she is tall enough to carry both the hairstyle and the dress off with a certain amount of panache.


Jayma chose this wonderful white top and skirt ensemble designed by Georges Hobeika from his new Spring 2013 Couture Collection, the subject of the next but one Couture report in this journal as it happens - so you'll have to take my word for it that I had already picked this dress for my report when the SAG Awards beat me to it -and it's one of the nicest dresses here in my view !!

I love the sleek lines and the teensy white sequins everywhere, morphing into giant flower-shaped paillettes down around the region of her knees !!
I also love the fact that she kept her accessories to just a simple pair of flower-shaped diamond earrings and nothing else...and her red hair up in a scraggly bun - fabulous !!

Here Jennifer in her all-gold outfit - her beautiful figure-hugging dress was designed by Oscar de la Renta, from his Pre-fall 2012 collection, and one which I had to go back and check, and sure enough, there it was...

Gold, or any other metallic for that matter, is quite a brave choice really - and picking gold from head to toe is even braver, however, when you think about it, what colour bag do you pick if your dress is already gold ? I think the little gold jacket that went with this dress, was fantastic on the runway, and so I was interested to see that she didn't wear it on the red carpet - does she have the gold jacket too ? - we'll never know !!


Jessica went with the brave choice of Forest green - not a terribly common colour for evening wear, and I don't know why really !! This dress appeared on the Jason Wu Spring 2013 runway in black, but I like it in the green more - it has a bit of character with the black straps and the belt . This is a custom-designed dress for Jessica apparently, but here it is in the runway show so I think presumably she said something to the effect of:-
  "I like that but I want it in green please !!"


I absolutely love her sleek high bun with the thin gold hair-band - what an amazing style !! I was also rather taken with her lovely chunky earrings - all in all, a rather individual look which is definitely what I like to see in my Best Dressed List !!


Julie went for a beautiful colour rather than an interesting shape for her red carpet choice - I love the greeny-grey shade of this dress a lot, and I may even have a dress myself in quite a similar colour !! It's very unusual for evening wear - in a sea of black, white, and the occasional bright red, this colour stands out as a rather individual choice. I like the rather random lichen-like pattern created by the sequins !!
This dress was from Amen Couture - not a name I'm familiar with here in the UK, but maybe we'll see more from this brand in the future.


I liked her big ring of faceted glass - I do hesitate to jump to the conclusion that this is a huge diamond, but you never know !! It goes with the greeny-grey colour really well...
She went for quite a simple hairstyle - medium length and softly waved - and red lipstick for a pop of colour.

Here's another smashing colour - deep, deep teal blue against a fabulous head of red hair - a glorious combination and one that I love every time I see it !!
This beautiful one-shouldered dress was from Theia - another brand I'm not familiar with here in the UK, and I think that's simply because these are smaller brands based in LA - and obviously thrilled to dress a star for the SAG AWards red carpet !! All power to their elbow I say - it's good to see some of the smaller companies getting some publicity !!


I wish she'd worn a darker lipstick in a similar shade to her hair, and not just a lip-liner with a pale gloss - this isn't the best lip-look, frankly, but there you go - it isn't bad enough to get her kicked off my Best Dressed List, but it has lost her a Gold Star - oooh, I drive a hard bargain !!
I did like her bracelet though...


Katrina went for a stunning pale dove-grey dress, with interesting sequin bead-work, designed by Badgley Mischka from their Spring 2013 RTW Collection, and as it happens, one that I picked out when I saw it on their runway last September !!


I loved this dress when I saw it then, but I love it more on Katrina - she managed to lose those puffy fancy sleeves and improved this dress a hundredfold in my view...or maybe this is a dress with options too ?!!

Another star who went for the Veronica Lake-style Old Hollywood blow-dried waves - whilst it's a nice hairstyle, it does only last for one evening and then it's all gone !! I guess that's all you need it for though...I also liked her beaded clutch with that huge glass clasp - what a stunner !!


Maria looked sensational in her slinky, bright red number designed by Randi Rahm - absolutely a winner !! I love the back view of this unusual dress with its very low draped cowl...


Just look at this beautiful bracelet she is wearing - slightly Art Deco in styling, it goes well with the plainer clutch design !! Her tassel earrings are also a winner for me - they are very covetable.
I loved her hair too - I am a sucker for this low-slung bun, or a chignon, as they say in French - it's an immensely flattering style for just about anyone...

Marion is an all-time fan of Christian Dior of course, and has been the face of their 'Lady Dior' perfume ever since 2009 - therefore she is more often than not seen in a Dior design - this one is from the Pre-fall 2013 Collection, and really knocked my socks off !! What an amazing dress...


I truly love this beautiful design, and this comes as a surprise to me, especially since the jury is still out on Raf Simons, from my point of view anyway...it reminds me of the original Dior designs back in the 50s, which the brand is seeking to get back to,  or at least a modern re-interpretation of them anyway.
She went with a black beaded clutch-bag and delicate black sling-back courts, just visible under the high-rise front of the dress. A simple little necklace and a black and silver diamond watch was all she had on the jewellery front, but that's all this dress needs really - well, that and a big Gold Star !!


Melissa went with a little known LA designer, but one who is gaining popularity for the red carpet - Oliver Tolentino, whose name crops up occasionally in connection with lesser events - he must be ecstatic to create a dress for Melissa here !!
Delicate deep purple pleated silk chiffon, with a strapless bodice and a train - what's not to like ?!!


She chose to have her hair up, only one of very few stars who went for this option, sadly - but she looked absolutely lovely in the whole ensemble. Her earrings looked like smaller purple versions of Jessica Paré's, but probably weren't !!

Morgan wore one of the few cocktail length dresses of the evening - this was from the Naeem Khan Pre-fall 2013 Collection, and one which I was ecstatic to see being worn at such a great red carpet event, even though I think a full length dress would have been  slightly more appropriate !!


This is one of his Tudor/Baroque designs that I loved so much when I saw them on the runway, and it looks every bit as good on Morgan as it did then. We got a slight glimpse of the rear view of this dress which has the same beaded design on the back too...

She put it with an amazing clutch in deep red pearlized plastic that looked like old-fashioned Bakelite - you know what I mean !!


Naomi looked great in this beautiful Marchesa dress - this kind of thing suits her well, but I wasn't sure about her newly bleached hair though - again, another star who likes that Veronica Lake look - nothing wrong with that of course, but I myself prefer long hair like this to be styled up in an elegant hairdo, especially when the dress is strapless...


She went with a boxy little clutch that had a dimpled texture all over and a very square clasp, and a simply breath-taking green emerald and diamond ring, with green nail-polish which matched perfectly...

If you're not sure who Teyonah Parris is - well she plays the first black office worker taken on by the advertising firm in the 60s-set drama 'Mad Men' - (one of my own favourite dramas btw.)
Here she is looking simply amazing in her shocking-pink Monique L'Huillier ML gown and her truly striking Afro pompadour hairstyle created by Felicia Leatherwood from 'Loving Your Hair'- Wow, what a statement hairdo !!


I like the fact the she went with a real Natural Afro-style, because we don't see this very often - more often than not, black actresses tend to go for the straightened, glossy and even bleached look, or maybe corn-rows and/or plaits in various styles, so it's a refreshing change to see this... 
I also loved her amazing diamond earrings - they're actually quite stunning !! Hmm, yes - so Teyonah gets a well deserved Gold Star from me for this well put-together look !!

Now Viola here is somewhat of a permanent fixture in this list - she is always in here !! I have to admit though, that some stars have that happy knack of choosing designs that really suit them and in great colours that flatter them too, and Viola is one of those stars...
She went with a Monique L'Huiller dress too, but this one is from her Spring 2013 Collection - you know the one with all the gorgeous aqua colours and wavy sea prints...and the only thing I would say about this dress on Viola, is that I wish she hadn't gone for the short under-dress which we can see, and I'm not so sure we should !!


Stiil, never mind - no matter, for she's looking great all the same !! Here is this dress on the runway to remind you what it looked like...I get a Zebra star of course, out of this, but that under-dress scuppered her chances of a gold star here, I'm afraid.

Zuleikha is one of the stars of the Drama 'Homeland', which also stars Claire Danes, who won the SAG Award for an Outstanding Performance by an Female Actorin a Drama Series - whew, what a mouthful !!
Anyway, I picked up on Zuleikha's amazing dress here because of the wonderful watery Monet-style print and the beautiful shape of the whole dress. This was designed by Gustavo Cadile, and looks a million dollars, I must say !!


This dress combined with her very dark hair styled in a strong straight haircut with a heavy fringe, made for a very striking look and one that I really liked !! Hence a big Gold Star for her...

Just a quick nod to the two Best Dressed men at this bash - one of ours and one of yours !!

Here's Our Eddie, looking extremely dapper in deep chocolate brown velvet Boss suit - very good indeed and a brilliant change from the usual black tux...


Who knew that Sheldon would scrub so well ?!! He looks fantastic in his three piece - also a brilliant change from the usual black tux...

That is all the best of the best from the SAG Awards for 2013  - not as many as usual, I'm afraid and certainly not as many as I'd have liked to see, but there you go !!

Next up will be the Worst Dressed - stay tuned !!

Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
Can I just say how glad I am that you're still doing these posts? Your LJ is what I most look forward to from these events!
Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
Why thank you Alixyveth - that's very kind of you !! I enjoy compiling them even though it takes a whole evening to trawl through over 1000 photos after the event, and another two evenings to identify the dresses and write the post - it's nice to know it's all appreciated !!
Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
marion cotillard is such a wonderful chameleon!
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
She nearly always wears Dior, so she does have a certain look, but she nearly always ends up on my Best Dressed list.
Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
There is some beautiful stuff here - thanks so much for posting!

My favourite is Jennifer Garner's gold dress, followed by Julia Stiles's dress - she really carries off that neckline!
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Strangely, Julia's neckline had me undecided as to whether she should be included, but in the end, I went for it - I loved the colour of this so much and also the sequin lichen design !! Her neckline however was a bit too wide open with no cleavage in there, if you know what I mean - it looked like she had no shape to speak of...
Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
I'm loving Ellie Kemper and Naomi Watts. I kinda like the Veronica Lake hairdo on some people, but the updos are nice. too. Thanks for sharing your expert style with us.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Well, it's my pleasure Prim, as you know - and I certainly like the Veronica Lake hairstyle too, just not on everyone at the same time !!
Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
Some truly gorgeous designs there... Thanks for posting. I particularly like the beaded and sequinned dresses.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Oh yes I love a good bit of beading...and there were some corkers in here today !!

Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
I quite agree! :-)
Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
I agree, this has very quickly become one of my favorite journals because of these posts!!!! Good job!

Also, I think the long vintagey necklace on the deep blue dress makes the whole look younger, which suits the wearer quite well.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Oh lovely - I'm so glad to have a happy reader !! Thank you for your kind comments - it always gives me a little lift...

I thought this pendant looked OK actually, and I don't always like long necklaces with low-cut necklines as one interferes with the other usually.
Thu, 31st Jan 2013 (UTC)
My favorite color in the world is irridescent peacock blue (dark) so of course I swooned at Marion Cottillard's dress. And Kate Flannery! and Naomi Watts' nails!

I am sorry I don't agree about January Jones. To me the brassy hair color and terrible orange lips with the weird napkin dress and the terrible hair style is a no-go. Unusual, and distinctive, but -- I like pretty.
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
I just knew that January Jones wouldn't be everyone cup of tea - however, I liked her nerve to wear something a bit different, and I liked it in the short version, in the presentation - it was a surprise to see it actually !!