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Mon, 14th Jan 2013
Firebird purple


This event caught my eye, even though I wasn't going to cover it in full - mainly because it happens the evening before the Golden Globes, and obviously, that clogs up my system a bit. However, there were four stars who attended this charity gala who wore four particular dresses that I had been dying to see on the red carpet, so I decided to do a lightning post in a real fly-by-night manner !!

Alicia chose this beautiful and unusual lightweight silk cream dress with fine pleats across the bodice, from the Chanel Pre-Fall Collection 2012 - this time a year ago, this dress went down the Chanel runway, and was picked up on by me at the time - it's taken until now for it to appear on the red carpet, so it just shows you that for some dresses, it really is a case of 'patience is a virtue'...
Alicia, as do the other three, gets a zebra star as her dress was chosen by me as a possible red carpet dress when it went down the runway, and she also gets one of my coveted gold stars for looking fabulous in it !!



Here's Ashley in one of my all-time favourite dresses that haven't yet been worn - this is from the Naeem Khan Autumn 2012 RTW Collection, shown during New York Fashion Week, and was picked by me as probably the best in show -here's what I said at the time :-
"The end was my favourite dress of all - this shimmering silver-sequinned dress with a very simple all-over pattern of curves and stripes, right up to the neck and with full length sleeves, was an absolute stunner !! Why didn't someone wear this to the Oscars ?!!"

Ashley looks amazing in it, as she's tall enough and slim enough to carry it off successfully...oh I'm so glad someone's worn this beautiful dress at last !!



Well, you probably all recognise this dress straight away - this is of course, from the latest Pre-Fall Collection from Carolina Herrera, and I liked this so much, I used it as my front cover for that particular post...Camilla is wearing the other colour-way, but it still looks just as good !!
Camilla herself looks amazing in it - I love her hair, make-up and simple diamond earrings, and I said at the time that this dress was a really great red carpet dress - and so it proved to be !! I wonder if anyone else will choose this...



Krysten looked fabulous in this gorgeous design from the Alberta Ferretti RTW Collection, shown during Milan Fashion Week last September - and it was definitely one of my own favourites from the whole week in Milan. She seems to have had it adapted, as it's slightly different from the runway version - hers has a cross-over front, while the runway version is clearly just bias-cut with a draped neckline, but on the other hand, she may be wearing it with the crossover back to the front - it could well be a dress that has options, if you know what I  mean !!
Anyway, I loved the whole collection at the time, and this dress in particular...



That was just a quickie, as a bit of a prelude to the Golden Globes tonight - my post will appear around Wednesday evening, and will be my usual in depth look at who wore the Best Dresses - probably a Top Twenty, or something like that !! Look out for that...

Mon, 14th Jan 2013 (UTC)
Wow, they already are wearing the clothes from the runway!

Mon, 14th Jan 2013 (UTC)
I really love the one that Alicia is wearing! Wow!
Mon, 14th Jan 2013 (UTC)
It does look like Krysten is wearing the dress back to front. She has a bit of lacy stuff on her left shoulder, while the model has it on her right shoulder. The blue print on the front is also different.
Quite fun to have a dress 'with options', as you said!
Mon, 14th Jan 2013 (UTC)
Lovely dresses and beautiful women wearing them.

I watched Globes, and it's going to be hard to limit your post, I think. I saw so many absolutely gorgeous, glamorous dresses and so many wonderful accessories.
Mon, 14th Jan 2013 (UTC)
These are lovely dresses and well done for spotting them!