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'The Hobbit' Première : London 
Fri, 14th Dec 2012
Firebird purple

Well, this is a momentous week for all 'The Lord of the Rings' fans everywhere - this is the week that 'The Hobbit : Part 1 - An Unexpected Journey' gets off the ground at last - and we can once again, lose ourselves in the realms of Middle Earth - wow, it has been a long time !!
This film had its world première last week, down under in New Zealand as is only right and proper, but on Wednesday evening, it was the turn of the UK. For us, it was a Royal Première, held at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, in the presence of Prince William (sadly without Catherine, as she has been indisposed lately)...
Some extremely noteworthy fashion going on, on the green carpet for this première, not least from the actual stars of the film, even though there weren't that many there...

Cate doesn't miss a chance to stand out on any carpet, green or otherwise of course, and stand out she certainly did here. Some will love this and others will hate it, but one thing is certain, you can't possibly be indifferent to it...

This is from the Givenchy Spring 2013 collection, designed by Riccardo Tisci, and looks extremely buttoned up, doesn't it...high-necked and long-sleeved - until she turned round that is...

This is one of those dresses that reveals in unexpected ways - a thigh-high split coupled with a bare section at the back made this quite an exceptional dress...I personally hated it, but at the same time, I can quite see why one could absolutely adore it - Cate certainly does !!
She wore it with Givenchy shoes with a perspex front and ultra-chunky conical heels which also caught the eye of every fashion editor in the land...

Sir Ian is a consummate professional on the red carpet, or the green one in this case !! He played to the press, with his fabulous cobalt-blue lined coat, which he swirled out for the cameras...
He's looking as spry as ever, despite the revelations in the press this week, that he has been living with prostate cancer for the last few years, playing a waiting game. He regards it as just a condition that has to be observed and checked up on every few months, but is not giving him any trouble at all, which is good news.
I don't know what that pendant is round his neck - it looks like a stone talisman of some kind...

Martin Freeman is probably the perfect choice to play Bilbo, of course - the absolute epitome of the Everyman character, we go on this quest with him and see everything through his eyes, so I'm very glad he was able to attend this première with his long-term partner of twelve years or thereabouts, actress Amanda Abbington.
They both looked great, if a little nervous - well, these premières draw large crowds, so it must be a little daunting !! I liked his tartan sports jacket, even though I'm not a fan of tartan - because it's a dark one, it's very quiet, as they say - it's the very loud ones I can't abide...


Amanda looks smashing in head to toe black sequins, with her hair up, red lipstick and dangly diamond earrings - all in all, a very classic, but glamorous look !!

Quite a few other celebrities attended this event, so I have divided them into male and female...

Lucy is a glamour model and ex-Big Brother house-mate, with ambitions to become an actress - she also does enormous amounts of work in her capacity as ambassador for the charity Kick 4 Life, which endeavours to get children out of poverty, off the streets and into sports, in developing countries...
Lucy wore a shimmery black dress with a triple strand gold necklace which I liked a lot... 


Actress Rebecca Ferdinando chose a beautiful bias-cut dress designed by Amanda Wakeley, for her green carpet walk, which looked amazing !! I liked the pleated bodice detail, and the use of shiny and matt sides of the satin-backed crepe fabric... 

Rebecca chose an interesting curlicue design necklace with diamond earrings, which looked lovely with her hair back...and I have to say that she must have been freezing, as the temperature in London was around the zero mark !! 

Tanya is a well-known British TV presenter, currently working for CNBC, with her show 'CNBC Meets', where she meets face to face with very prominent world personalities in a mixture of fields, like Sir Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, and media magnate Richard Desmond...


She came to this première in a short red dress with a gorgeous black velvet coat with fur trim and satin bow at the neck... a beautiful look for a very cold evening !! I liked this a lot, even though we couldn't see the dress much - she was dressed for the temperature actually, which looked appropriate !!

There were an equal number of well known guys on the green carpet too, including some of the stars from LOTR..

Billy and Dom hammed it up for the cameras, giving the fans a bit of a show - if you were around at the time of the LOTR films getting their time on the red carpets of the world, you may recall a huge number of female fans online, who were convinced - convinced, I tell you - that these two were having a gay affair, and I'm pretty sure they knew every rumour that was being perpetrated in their name, at the time, and were pretty amused by it all - and it showed tonight in their fooling around !!
They both looked amazing, all dressed up for the event...

Here's British band McFly looking great in their matching outfits of burgundy velvet jackets and black and white shoes...I have to say here, that I love it when bands get together in their look like this - it gives them a very strong identity in the public mind, which is never a bad thing, and it's a strong fashion look too...

Lucy Pinder came with her friend Paul Chaplin, who owns 'Loaded' magazine, and took Lucy along as his guest to this event - he looked amazing in this gold brocade jacket and burgundy shirt - a very strong and interesting look for a red carpet event like this - I lust say that it's really good to see a few guys wearing interesting things for me to talk about at these film premières....


'The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey' opens in British cinemas tonight, and so I will be going along to see this soon, and will, no doubt, write a report for my other journal - Wendy's Journal - at http://wendylady1.livejournal.com/ - so keep a look out for that soon !!

Fri, 14th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Why is Cate Blanchett so flawless? At first glance, I thought she came dressed as Princess Leia, but then I looked again...and realized that yes, she managed to attain perfection once more.

Digging Freeman's Tartan, too. He's a very stylish man in general.
Sun, 16th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Haha - yes - Princess Leia...
I didn't care for her dress much actually, but then, I don't care much for any dress that resembles a hospital gown really - far too buttoned up, shapeless and white, and very sterile-looking !! Having said that, I do get why people will love it for the very same reasons - strange old world, personal taste, isn't it ?!!
Fri, 14th Dec 2012 (UTC)
I hadn't realised Martin Freeman was wearing tartan until I saw your pics. He looks good, though, as does Amanda!

Cate Blanchett looked good, but she must have been frozen with that bare back :-/
Sun, 16th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Yes, I thought the same thing - it was extremely cold and frosty when this event took place in London, but I guess they aren't on the green carpet for very long - just long enough to twirl for the press and say hello to a few fans, I suppose !!

Fri, 14th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Cate's dress did remind me of Galabriel -- at least from the front -- and the dress did look good on her. But I really dislike that neckline in general.

All the men looked great, but particularly Sir Ian, who was so dashing in that cape.
Sun, 16th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Cate's dress was very much a matter of taste, and it got just as many negative comments in the press, as it did cheers from the fashion pack !! It seems that everyone who knew where it came from really liked it, and those who didn't really hated it - which raises several interesting questions about the reality of designers' credibility...
Sat, 15th Dec 2012 (UTC)
i second the leia comment, as well as the fact that cate is without peer.
Sun, 16th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Cate can certainly rock a difficult dress, there's no doubt about that !! She always manages to look good, even in a dress I don't particularly like...
Sat, 15th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Sir Ian is wearing a piece of New Zealand jade - he was also wearing it for the photo-shoot to accompany an article in the current Empire magazine, where it is mentioned.

I didn't mind the tartan jacket on Martin Freeman, but the style was all wrong, making him look fat and awkward.
Sun, 16th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Oh - New Zealand jade is it ?!! It's a chunky piece...

Martin's jacket is lifting where he has his arm round his girlfriend's waist - he should have undone the buttons really, as it's puling the jacket out of shape disastrously, which is a shame...
Sun, 16th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Sir Ian looks great! Bold statement with that cape and he rocked it. I didn't care for Cate's at all. However I do love Rebecca Ferdinando and her wonderfully curvy body that she's not afraid to show off.
Sun, 16th Dec 2012 (UTC)
Yes - I also loved Sir Ian's coat - I thought it was a cape too, but actually, it's a long tail-coat, which appears to be made of some kind of fur - you can just about see the short fronts, and the fur edging in the first photo !!

Rebecca's dress looked great, I thought - and even though bias-cut satin-backed crepe isn't necessarily the best and most flattering thing to wear when you're curvy like her, I thought she still carried it off well...
(Deleted comment)
Fri, 1st Feb 2013 (UTC)
Where the hell is My Boyfriend (TM)?!?!!?

Well maybe no one took pics of him.... poor man only owns one really good suit. Tom Ford. Wears it everywhere.