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Couture 2 : Givenchy 
Sun, 5th Feb 2012


Riccardo Tisci gave us an immensely confident couture show on day 2 of Couture Fashion Week - but one thing is certain - not everyone will like what he did ...

For starters there was the venue for his official photo-shoot - an old gymnasium with peeling paint and the odd basketball for added colour interest - and secondly his models were decorated with a spiky silver nose-ring along with black lipstick - not a very attractive look, I have to say !! It took me a minute or two to work out what the hell was wrong with their faces...was it make-up alone or something else?

His designs were divided into three definite divisions, the alligator styles, the black and white styles and the crystal and white styles - and all were possible red carpet choices, with the exception of a couple which I included anyway, just to give you a complete picture - this wasn't a long show - only ten designs, so we may as well look at them all.
His inspiration was apparently Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis' from 1927, and the theme music from a more obscure Russian film, 'Aelita: Queen of Mars' from 1924...
Firstly the alligator designs - these were meticulously and painstakingly created out of two full alligator skins, which were then taken apart scale by scale and assembled by hand on to the finest tulle under-layer, taking a full 350 hours to make - this is real Haute Couture, and I would be willing to stake my life that the only two ladies that would wear this out and about are Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness !! Both of them are mad enough and high fashion-orientated enough to consider these dresses ground-breaking, whereas I personally think they are too expensive and too labour-intensive for what they are...I don't think they are attractive enough to warrant the effort involved, however, this is only my own opinion, and they may well turn up at the Oscars or the Grammies next week...you never know !!




The other two sections of this show were much more accessible and much more likely to show up on a red carpet - perhaps at the Oscars or the Grammies next week - one of them has already appeared at the SAG Awards last weekend - Zoe Saldana wore the all-white slinky number at the bottom, and as you can see, she looked absolutely brilliant in it !!


I loved the fact that the official photo-shoot included back view shots of every dress - we don't see enough of the back details with the Style.com photos and so I have scoured around, and found another source where you do - it just so happens that the photo-shoot of this collection was what every fashion website has, as it is the official Press Shoot for Givenchy !!


I like the black skirt in this and the fact that you have to unzip it to reveal a white glitzy lining as the model walks around...very restrained and refined...and very confident too !! I also loved the silver embellishment on the white of this top and other dresses below - very pretty !!


I liked this dress below, with its band at the centre-back connecting the halter-neck to the waist - very unusual and original !!


A few dresses with generous amounts of crystals embroidered all over, in various patterns - on a white fabric background, this gives an unprecedented amount of sparkle as the wearer moves around - perfect for a red carpet moment !!




Here's Zoe looking fantastic in her Givenchy dress - and no nose-ring, I am happy to point out !!


The Givenchy Collection gave me a bit of a difficult time working out whether I actually liked it or not, but in the end, I decided that I actually did love most of it, but the styling was horrendous with the ugly nose-rings and black lipstick - very off-putting - and I'm not the only fashionista who thinks the same thing !!

Next up will be Valentino and Elie Saab...

Mon, 6th Feb 2012 (UTC)
I love the first 3 dresses, and would like to see them without the coverup jackets as well. There's something very elegant about the lines. But yeah, the weird face-stuff was a no.
Mon, 6th Feb 2012 (UTC)
The first three dresses didn't do it for me really - the lines were elegant, yes, but the alligator scales were a bit of a 'No' for me really - I'm very much of the opinion that scales should remain on the alligator, who probably needs them more than the designer really...
Mon, 6th Feb 2012 (UTC)
And I'm of the opinion that the entire Crocodilia species are evil-eyed killers. But if they were fake scales, what would you think about the dresses?
Tue, 7th Feb 2012 (UTC)
I think they're pretty ugly on the whole anyway - dark, scaly and menacing - a very sci-fi look actually !! 'Tinpra' above mentioned that they reminded her of Dame Vaako's dress from 'The Chronicles of Riddick', and it's true, they are very similar !!
I like all the others in this collection though...

As for fake alligator, I have absolutely no problem with fake fur, skins, teeth, bone, ivory etc, etc, etc,
Fake is almost always better in that you don't have to destroy anything beautiful to get at it !!